What Clients Say About Elite Therapy Center

As a professional athlete you are always going to come across injury roadblocks that set you back. The Dream Team at Elite Therapy Center has helped me overcome many obstacles in my career, especially nagging injuries. This has enabled me to play at my peak. Their knowledge of the body and how to get you back on the field, pain free, is definitely among the elite. I never hesitate to make Elite Therapy Center my first phone call whenever I need professional help.

Conor Jackson, Oakland A’s

I have suffered from migraine headaches and neck pain for many years. I have tried numerous medications and physical therapy, steroid injections, acupuncture, chiropractors, none of which gave me much, if any, relief. When I started seeing Eric, I was living on pain medication and muscle relaxers, plus missing 2-3 days of work each month from the incapacitating pain. Using the techniques I learned from my sessions with Eric, I have been virtually pain free for three months!

I would encourage everyone to give this type of therapy a chance because it gave me my life back!
Debbie G, Mesa, AZ

In November of 2006 I had sports hernia surgery. After the surgery and while training at Athletes’ Performance Institute for the upcoming season, I got a chance to have Eric’s help. Eric’s therapy regimen that he implemented for my therapy helped reduce swelling as well as lengthening the muscles involved. Upon my completion of therapy and workout regimen with Eric and Athletes’ Performance, I was able to start Spring Training with the Oakland Athletics fully recovered with no lingering effects. By being fully healthy I was able to compete for a spot on the opening day roster which I later earned. Eric is always concerned with each athlete’s well-being that he treats. He is a self-determining and hard working individual who helped me reach my ultimate dream playing in the big leagues. He is a friend of mine who I have no doubt would help you immensely.

Travis Buck, Oakland Athletics

My name is Chris Horn and I have played wide receiver in the NFL for five seasons. I am writing this letter on behalf of Eric Ford and the quality service I have received from him on my shoulder. An NFL season puts a great deal of strain on my body and after five seasons I was beginning to experience pain and a limited range of motion in my right shoulder. After just one session with Eric I became a believer in his ability to unlock muscles that were in a knot and ultimately get back total range of motion in my shoulder. Eric has cutting edge knowledge of the shoulder joint and the muscles that make up the shoulder. I was also impressed with his ability to listen. At the start of each session Eric would ask me a series of questions about my pain and any limiting effects that I would experience as a result of my pain. I found it important and refreshing that he considered my shoulder individually. Adding to his credibility, Eric has the ability to locate the muscle and the exact spot on the muscle that needs attention without me having to guide him through the entire shoulder. The sessions at times are painful, as I found some knotted muscles resist being unlocked. The greatest compliment I can give Eric is that the sessions are fruitful. I would definitely recommend Eric Ford to everyone. My wife Amy, after giving birth to our second child had crippling pain in her lower back. I sent her to Eric and after one session her back is pain free.