Therapies Offered At Elite Therapy Center

Neuromuscular Therapy

This therapy is utilized to reduce trigger points, scar tissue, adhesions, fascial restrictions and improve mobility, stability, and flexibility. It is also meant to reduce nerve compression, nerve entrapment and to increase blood flow. During a Neuromuscular session modalities such as Cupping, Guasha, T-bar compression, and Trigger point therapy may be utilized. NMT is great for Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Shoulder dysfunction, Headaches, Whiplash, Migraines, TMJ dysfunction, Neck pain, Back Pain, Knee pain, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Sports related injuries.

Sports Specific Therapy

Sports Specific Therapy is designed for the elite and professional athlete. Each session will be created for the athlete based on the sport. A functional Movement evaluation can be utilized to help the therapist determine areas of compensation and faulty motor patterns. This treatment may consist of multiple modalities, corrective exercises and self treatment strategies.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) is a revolutionary pain free method of assisted stretching that creates lasting change in the body. It can help to reduce or eliminate tight muscles and or stiff joints that are caused from our tissue being under stress from poor posture, injury, lack of exercise or over training. FST™ focuses on lengthening and re-aligning the body to relieve pain, improve performance and achieve flexibility and strength. We ask that our clients wear loose-fitting or athletic clothing to have a comfortable and relaxing experience.


FMS is a series of movement tests to help identify asymmetries and limitations within the body. By going through the evaluation, the therapist is able to create a specific treatment to help correct and change the faulty motor patterns. A series of corrective exercises will also be given to improve fundamental movement.

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